I said “have a nice day!” to this old dude and apparently that’s not fucking good enough because he retrieved his wallet and from like a stack of 30 of these things pulled one out and gave it to me and said something like “I hope you reconsider your choices next time”

holy shit

This is the most self entitled shit i’ve seen all day

what the fUCK
illegal immigrants are bad
they do not (legally) pay taxes
they are not legal citizens
we do not want them to become legal citizens
they do not (legally) pay taxes
they are illegal immigrants
illegal immigrants are bad


tbh if you’re saying “this website has made me feel bad for being cis/straight/white/able-bodied/male” then what i’m hearing is “this website made me realise what a privileged cock i am and i don’t like it” 

posts saying cis/straight/white/able-bodied/male people should die for being cis/straight/white/able-bodied/male is not pointing out privilege






like seriously one of the things i absolutely cannot stand is that fauxgalitarian ~all suffering is equal and we’re all equal~ because that is objectively false and it harms marginalized people even more

youre right

petition to end tumblr and siphon all money that goes towards keeping it functioning towards worthy causes such as ending female genital mutilation in places like Somalia and ending the oppressive regime of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria who stone girls for having facebook accounts

also everyone on tumblr needs to stop caring about what happens to them and in their country because getting cat called is much less grave than not being allowed out of your house alone if you are a female

tumblr is probably the worst offender when it comes to further marginalisation of those who face serious oppression

you know that we can care about what happens to other people and ourselves at the same time, right

quit derailing with “your problems don’t matter because there are other problems elsewhere”

sorry but no. if you accept that suffering is objective, then by extension you also accept that if your suffering is not as severe as the suffering of others and yet you insist on using resources on it then you are harming those who suffer more by depriving them of said resources that might serve to render aid to ease their suffering

you are essentially saying that because someone has it worse than you, you have no right to self-pity or pity from others.

this isnt to say that I dont sympathise with those in more industrialised countries who suffer, even if their suffering can unanimously be said to be less than that of those in developing countries. what Im saying is that addressing the issues of one group does not necessarily compound those of another. that pitying another person for facing street harassment does not marginalise another who was raped. as long as one remembers to not let lesser problems trivialise the truly pressing ones, their is no issue or harm being done. it becomes a problem when people reach of point of egocentrism that (unjustly) demands their issues be paid more heed than those of others

in any case the irony here is that youre berating me for “derailing with ‘your problems don’t matter because there are other problems elsewhere’” when thats essentially what you said in the first post

you are determined to misinterpret my post and to derail by saying “well you can’t care about street harassment because it could be worse

that is not what i meant

i meant “do not derail by treating stuff like being disliked bc you’re privileged in the same manner as marginalized people’s struggles, and do not treat things my anger as being literally as bad as the oppression bigots perpetuate”

that does not mean stop caring about your problems entirely because people in [insert situation here] have it worse than you

people like you who derail posts to complain about “serious issues” are also derailers because in actuality they don’t care about any issues at all; they just want marginalized people to shut up

what resources am i stealing from those with SERIOUS ISSUES, pray tell? come on. who deserves these precious and vaguely defined resources?

i can care about American street harassment and about the plight of people living on the other side of the world, and i can do my best to end both by raising awareness, educating myself, donating money to programs that benefit the vulnerable and impoverished; i cannot defund tumblr entirely and devote every penny to ending genital mutilation, as you suggested, and you know it, and you chose to say that just to derail, you misogynistic little shit.

"tumblr is probably the worst offender when it comes to further marginalisation of those who face serious oppression"??? not fucking governments or corporations or privileged people with power instead of a handful of marginalized people with their own serious problems?? are you a fucking troll?

if you care so much about helping people with SERIOUS ISSUES in the manner you suggested, why don’t you sell your house/car/whatever and devote the money to those with the issues you deem serious enough

the thing is that you don’t care, though. all you care about is tone-policing and derailing marginalized people under the guise of being concerned for the less fortunate.

also can we stop dragging rape comparisons into posts bc that is potentially triggering and entirely inappropriate

"people like you who derail posts to complain about “serious issues” are also derailers because in actuality they don’t care about any issues at all; they just want marginalized people to shut up"

you werent seriously including yourself when talking about marginalised people, were you? right? in any case, how exactly am I wanting marginalised people to shut up when Im advocating the exact opposite? what?

"what resources am I taking and who deserves them"

if you do educate yourself, raise awareness, and donate money to charity, then I have to concede the first part, but please tell me youre playing dumb when you ask who deserves the resources

the entirety of tumblr is not “a handful of marginalised people with their own serious problems.” you have to delude yourself pretty badly to believe that.

I wont sell my house/car/whatever because Im not the one asserting that “faugalitarianism” further marginalises and oppresses those who are already marginalised and oppressed

I dont see how you deduced that I apparently have no sympathy for the less fortunate or the oppressed, but okay. and rape is a serious problem that happens, to censor oneself and pretend it doesnt happen simply for the sake of not triggering others is almost facetious. rape is a horrible thing but sadly it happens and not mentioning it causes more harm than good

"misogynistic little shit"

Im not sure you know what misogynistic means. tell me how I was being misogynistic by wanting to increase funding for FGM prevention programs

"i smell neckbeard xddd"

ah yes when all else fails, call them a neckbeard, right? even if they dont have a neckbeard, arent an MRA, or fit any of the other neckbeard stereotypes, right? cause everyone who disagrees with me and hurts my feelings is a neckbeard, right? right? ha ha ha what a fucking joke. you have been since the start.

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